The Edinburgh Shambhala Meditation Group is part of Shambhala, a global community of people dedicated to recognizing the innate goodness of all and revealing that goodness in every area of personal and societal life. Join us in celebrating this journey of discovery. We offer meditation in the context of Shambhala teachings, integrating both mindfulness and insight approaches. Rooted in ancient Buddhist and Tibetan traditions, Shambhala infuses our lives with the discovery of our human goodness and connects us to our natural world. Addressed to a modern audience Shambhala can be seen as a way of life – an expression of mindfulness, meditation, wisdom, and celebration.

The group was founded in 1975 and has gone through several phases since then, including meeting weekly at the Salisbury Centre for the last nine years. We have now stopped those meetings and no longer have weekly public meetings. We continue to practice as a private group and meet informally. If you have practiced in the Shambhala tradition and are visiting Edinburgh then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Featured Video – Pema Chodron – On Fear and Fearlessness

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