Generosity policy

The Edinburgh Shambhala Group thrives due to the generosity of our members and program participants. Our Generosity Policy is meant to make our program offerings available to all who wish to participate.

We consider that meditation is a practice of great benefit for the mental, emotional and psychological health and well-being of those that practice it, and for those around them, and that this is part of the spiritual heritage of all human beings. It therefore seems inappropriate to charge for instruction in these practices. However, we need to cover the costs of providing an environment in which such instruction can effectively be provided. The Edinburgh Shambhala Meditation Group is therefore applying a Generosity Policy to the pricing of such meditation sessions and events as are arranged by us.

According to this policy, we will suggest a donation amount that will cover the necessary costs of the meditation session or event. For those that genuinely cannot afford this amount, we will be happy to accept whatever they can afford, including any mutually agreeable arrangements for deferred payments or installments. For those that can afford more, and feel inspired to generosity by the practice and teachings, we invite them to consider paying more than the suggested amount in order to support our activities for the benefit of others.

Financial contributions to the support of the Group by Members will reflect this policy. A basic monthly subscription amount based on the cost of weekly room hire will be suggested. Individual members are invited to contribute this amount, or less, or more, according to their personal financial situation.