Open Heart Project

The Open Heart Project is an community of currently about 15,000 meditators all over the world, created by the well known Boston based Shambhala teacher, author and student of Sakyong Mipham, Susan Piver.

You can sign up for her free weekly meditation instruction videos on her site In these she offers a short talk on some of the basics of mindfulness/awareness practice and a 10 minute guided meditation. Here’s an example.

As well as the weekly meditation video instruction this free resource also offers a monthly Dharma talk, usually about an hour long from a variety of teachers, some Shambhalian.

Checkout this one from Shastri Ethan Nichtern – includes a 20 minute guided meditation.

Daily Dharma Gathering

If these teachings resonate with you you can also join the paid for parts of Susan’s sangha. If you can afford $20 a month you can sign up for the Daily Dharma gathering, created by Susan and her friend and fellow Shambhala teacher Lodro Rinzler, which gives you access to a new half hour teaching video every single day. The majority of the teachers who deliver these teachings are Shambhalians, including The Sakyong, Fleet Maull, Irini Rockwell, Nick Krantz and Joe Muricio as well as teachers from other lineages e.g Zen, Sotozen and Theravadan.

Open Heart Project Sangha

For another $7 a month you can upgrade to full membership of the Open Heart Project Sangha which includes the Daily Dharma Gathering as well as access to online meetings and courses taught online by Susan and others, a book club and so on.

Full details of these offerings are here on Susan Piver’s site